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We rely on our advanced meticulous molecular biology testing methods and diagnosis for a full range of medical tests.

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Agam Diagnostics has all the necessary means to evaluate infectious diseases with modern molecular biological techniques. In the current pandemic scenario, we have proven ourselves to be the most reliable diagnostic centre to conduct RT-PCR tests to diagnose the Covid19 /SARS Co-V2 virus.
We diligently follow all the given guidelines and SOPs to collect and evaluate samples for Covid19 testing. PCR or Polymerase Chain Reaction tests are conducted in highly controlled environments by the very best technicians, and clinicians qualified to handle the procedures. Apart from viral RNA extraction, our RT-PCR tests are also used for other diagnostic purposes.

Molecular Biological Procedures

We adopt all the latest molecular biological procedures to conduct tests on various samples and arrive at insightful conclusions that allow physicians to make well-informed decisions regarding the course of treatment. Our molecular biological processes include:
It involves separating the two strands in the DNA double helix by increasing the mixture's temperature to break the hydrogen bonds between the DNA strands.
By lowering the temperature of the mixture, the primers are bound to each DNA strand sequence. This helps to initiate polymerisation.
Using the original strands as templates, new strands of DNA are created. Thus, one cycle of PCR results in two double strands of target DNA comprising a new strand and an original strand. The cycle is repeated more than twenty times to process a billion copies of DNA in a couple of hours.

RT-PCR Test for Hepatitis Virus

Hepatitis is a viral infection that manifests itself in five different types- A, B, C, D & E . Hepatitis causes acute or chronic inflammation of the liver and is the reason behind liver cirrhosis liver cancer. At Agam Diagnostics, we rely on PT-PCR tests to conduct a quantitative and qualitative analysis of pathogens that cause Hepatitis. The entire evaluation process is done in a carefully controlled environment by our expert lab technicians.
Specimen Type Blood Serum or Plasma
Specimen Collection Use only Sterile equipment. Blood withdrawal must be carried out on elbow bend, forearm or back of the hand. Capillary needles that are too fine should be avoided if blood is withdrawal from veins. Mix the tube immediately after the collection (do not agitate). Centrifuge at 800-1600 xg within 6 hours of collection and transfer into sterile polypropylene tubes.
Stabiliser Use Standard Specimen collection EDTA tubes
Volume Required 5 to 10 ml whole blood
  • 2 - 8°C stability opt for 6 hours
  • -20°C or -80°C stability opt for long term
  • Samples should be shipped within 6 hours.
  • Blood samples can be shipped at 2-8°C and separated plasma at -15 to -30°C
Turn Around Time Same day delivery
Rejection reason If the specimen failed to fulfil the mentioned criteria
Result Expected For Hepatitis B PCR, this method reveals whether HBV is present in your body or not (Qualitative) and the load amount (Quantitative) For Hepatitis C PCR, This method reveals whether HCV is present in your body or not (Qualitative) and the load amount (Quantitative)
Report Delivery We provide experiment summary, qPCR protocol, assay set up information & standard report.
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