Neonatal Screening for New born babys.
Kids Profile - Safest Health Screening for kids

As a renowned diagnostic centre, Agam helps in the early detection of diseases for new born babies and childern. This helps in early detection of developmental disturbances in childhood. We do all kind of Neonatal Screening in advanced instruments for accurate detection at the inital stage. We do Allergy, food intolerence testing.

Importance Of Child Health Checkups

Health screening for children helps physicians figure out potential childhood health problems. A child should have a proper blood pressure measurement and normal sugar level, starting around the age of 3. Fluctuations in sugar or pressure level need immediate medical attention as they could risk kids' lives. Kidneys are responsible for filtering out creatinine - a byproduct of muscle metabolism, and if any one of the kidneys fails to function properly, creatinine level gets increased in the body, leading to various life-threatening complications.
A child can easily catch viral infections or other internal damages quicker than adults due to low immunity. Being the best pathology lab in the entire south of Tamilnadu, Agam helps you effectively identify potential and hidden problems through proper diagnostic service.


There are no instructions to undergo tests in a kid’s body. We request you to share your kid's medical history with our expert physicians prior to the checkups.

Tests Taken At Agam in Madurai

Specimen type Blood/Urine
Kids Profile Price: Rs. 250
Parameters Blood Urea, Creatinine, Calcium, Uric Acid.
Making a Big Difference In Kids’ Lives
Protect your child’s health with the help of expert screenings and effective diagnosis at Agam Diagnostics, Madurai!
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