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Agam is one of the leading fertility diagnostic centres in Madurai that offers you exclusive packages that deliver accurate results at affordable prices.

Know About Our Fertility Profile:

Hormonal balance and regular menstrual cycle play a vital role in achieving pregnancy without complications. Hormonal evaluation provides detailed information about the quality and quantity of eggs present in the ovaries. An increase in the progesterone hormone shows that your ovulation is happening without trouble.
Being one of the best pathology labs in Tamilnadu, Agam offers proper and effective diagnostic service to detect potential problems such as cervical cancer that can prevent pregnancy. We are also pioneers in testing vital reproductive organs and other hormones to detect hormonal imbalance. Our diagnostic centre in south Tamilnadu offers reliable and valid tests with more medical information related to your fertility. We have helped out several couples detect the exact cause related to recurring infertility problems and pregnancy loss.

Prerequisites For Testing

Consuming food before a test will not be a constraint as it doesn’t affect blood tests for hormonal checkups. In the case of conducting a prolactin blood test, it requires fasting beforehand. Discuss with Agam’s expert physicians about your menstrual pattern as fluctuations can have major implications in analysing blood test results.
Tests Taken This profile is ideal for both genders to clarify fertility issues and your reproductive organs’ health (both ovaries and testicles). Those who have erectile dysfunction or PCOS – polycystic ovary syndrome can also undergo this test for better diagnosis. This test also greatly helps in diagnosing puberty issues.
Price Rs. 500
Specimen type Blood Sample (Serum)
Specimen collection procedure Venipuncture - Collection takes place from a vein, usually from the arm for blood sampling.
Parameters LH, FSH, Prolactin.
Fertility Profile 2 This package has LH, FSH, Prolactin, Testosterone & Estradiol testing that help diagnose infertility and the cause for erectile dysfunction and pituitary tumour.
Price Rs. 1100
Specimen type Serum (Blood Sample)
Specimen collection procedure Venipuncture - Blood is usually collected from the vein in the patient’s arm.
Parameters LH, FSH, Prolactin, Testosterone, Estradiol.
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Our trained physicians and technicians conduct an expert medical diagnosis to help you get fit and fine with possible fertility treatments.
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